Jun 12


We will use limera1n to go through the iPhone 4 Unlock 4.1 process. Limera1n is available for Windows at current time and it is hoped that its Mac and Linux version will be launched soon.

It is very important to iPhone 4 Unlock 4.1 with limera1n with care and if you are not interested in any iPhone 4 Unlock 4.1 feature, try not to use it.

iPhone 4 Unlock 4.1 is considered among the toughest tasks and very few people know how to do this properly. Often it is considered as an impossible task by many people. However, here we will show you that it is very easy.

In the past when it was new it was simple with Ultra snow,  but nowadays; users focus only two main processes they either ask the carrier to do it for them, or using the ethical-dubious GEVEY interposer, which requires a spoof-dial to the emergency services and manage to do it somehow. This trend is perhaps due to the fear that the procedure is very tough and impossible. Now there are many steps and instructions available, which will make easy to iPhone 4 Unlock 4.1 for you.

Therefore, if you ever try to update through iTunes also remember that you will lose the opportunity to iPhone 4 Unlock 4.1 forever. So here is a guide that how to update to operating system 4.0 while preserving your base band and hence keeping it right.

Pwnage tool comes in among with Limera1n, so that you can do the process and may preserve your baseband as Pwnage tool preserve the baseband of the device. However it is also necessary to know that it is asked during the setting procedure by much software that whether you want to do the procedure on the device or not so it should be carefully managed.

Once you are done it with Limer1n you are half way done. Nevertheless, make it sure that it is easy only when you have not updated the base band. Ultrasnow 1.1.1 is the right procedure. Ultrasn0w 1.1-1 can iPhone 4 Unlock 4.1.

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Therefore, after reading all this information you may realize now that the procedure is not that much tough as it is said to be. By following the above-mentioned rules you may easily iPhone 4 Unlock 4.1.

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