Jul 12


An iPhone 4 Unlock 5.0.1 will offer you many ways to explore the services offered by various networks in addition to your default network. This will present you ways to enjoy the communication features of your device by opening it to other networks.

So far, recent developments and technological innovations have made this process easy using a hardware or a software. But there’s a question from enthusiastic users regarding which one is better.

To help you have an idea which one is the better method, here is a comparison between the two:

1. Using Hardware

The most popular hardware that is being used by most users who want to open their devices to other networks is the TurboSIM. This can be easily acquired through eBay or other online stores for mobile gadgets. You can get this for around $10, which is cheaper than going to a technician to do the modification for you. The only problem about ordering it online is that the delivery of this product usually takes days so you will have to wait for its delivery before you can modify your device. So far, there are only few known issues about this like not fitting on the SIM holder of the device but this can be solved by shaving or cutting its edges. So far, there are few reviews about this product because there are only a few users who actually purchased this.

2. Using Software

This is probably the easiest way to modify your device because all you need to do is download a software online, which only takes a couple of minutes depending on your Internet speed. This is way is faster than ordering a TurboSIM. After downloading, you can run the program in a few easy steps wherein it will do automated process of opening the line of your device. That’s it, no shaving or cutting involved and the best thing about this is that you can get this for free. But users have to be vigilant in downloading free softwares on the Internet because it might be infected by viruses or other potential risks. Though, risks can be prevented by scanning it first with a trusted antivirus program before installation.

And the Winner Is…

From these two iPhone 4 unlock 5.0.1 methods, the clear winner is the software method which is easier and more convenient. Because of this, it is considered as the most commonly used and preferred method. However, users should be careful in acquiring softwares in the Internet. So why don’t you get a software from a trusted and reliable source?

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Based on these two iPhone 4 unlock 5.0.1 methods, using a hardware means you will have to spend, wait for a few days and make some adjustments for it to fit on your device. On the other hand, a software can be acquired online in a few minutes for free which will provide you a fast and automated process that is far more convenient.

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